A.E. Chance

A.E Chance is a 28 year old up-coming author based out of Melbourne, FL. As a current Full Sail attendee, she is striving towards completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in creative writing. With a current 3.8 GPA, Ashley continues producing a variety of writing material ranging from comic-fantasy and freestyle to supernatural articles that are published to a paranormal blog. When not writing or publishing to her self-operated portfolio website, she also works in guest services at her local AMC Theatre. Ashley is currently in development on her first novel titled “A Girl Like You.”

So, Stay Tuned!

An Evening With Annabelle.

Movie Cinema has spent years instilling fear into audiences. Audiences that originally found no harm in small, comforting toys, But it wasn't until the debut of a special Raggedy Ann doll that sent the Horror Culture into a frenzy. Releasing in 2013, The Conjuring opened its film to introduce us to a doll by the name of Annabelle who took quite the liking to two young nurses. It caught us and encouraged our curiosity to seek out the tale of this demonic doll.



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